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Sinar Pagi

We are proud to announce that Sinar Pagi went for its first safari on 11.08.2017!


Sinar Pagi: the fourth of our boats, the biggest one. Its name means Morning Star.

It has 6 cabins, 4 of them double and 2 twin ones. Every cabin has a bathroom and air conditioning.

A spacious living room offers a lot of space to plan dives, eat or rest.

Minimal number of persons required to go for a safari: 6


Divers325 USD per day per person
Non-divers265 USD per day per person
Charter dive Komodo2800 USD per day
Charter dive Raja Ampat3440 USD per day
Charter non-dive N/A
Single cabin supplement 50%

See some photos of its construction:


And how it looks now:

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