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Lalunia – the largest of the three liveaboard boats, ideal for longer boat trips.

Lalunia has four double cabins with air conditioning and 2 single cabins.

Large living room with dining room has enough space to feed hungry divers between dives and non-divers between snorkelling or other water activities, or the whole group after land visit to the Komodo National Park.

Large shaded deck covered with mattresses provides extraordinary space for resting and a sunny deck is a place where you will get a nice skin colour.

Lalunia is ideal for groups of friends and travel clubs.



Divers245 usd per day per person
Non-divers200 usd per day per person
Charter dive 1800 usd (up to 8 persons, every additional person – 130 usd per day)
Charter non-dive1450 usd
Single cabin supplement 50%

Technical details Lalunia

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