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Ola Liana, Polish, lawyer (from education, but didn’t get to practice). Ola started her adventure with diving during her studies in Cracow, Poland, in the famous diving club Krab. After her studies she left to work as a divemaster in Mexico, then in Maldives.

In 2004, as a result of complicated personal issues and primary business plans Ola landed in Indonesia and completely by coincidence on Flores Island, in the controversial harbour city Labuan Bajo. After a lot of difficulties and overcame obstacles she built her first boat, Ari Jaya, together with her former associate. On that boat she lived and led diving safaris around Komodo from 2005.

After the escape (!) of the associate she continued her adventure on her own, changing associates and their nationalities.

She got into relationship with the captain of her boat, Sardianto, an experienced man of the sea, who visited all seas of Indonesia working before on transport boats. In 2009 they built a bigger boat Lalunia, in 2011 Pratiwi and in 2017 Sinar Pagi.

In December 2009 Toni was born and since then he can be met often on boards of the one of four boats.

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