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Aridive Komodo & Raja Ampat once a lifetime diving liveaboard experience in Indonesia

Feel deep and breathtaking diving experience on one of our three diving boats. Choose between diverse world of Komodo or Raja Ampat Islands in one of a liftime diving experience in Indonesia. Experienced crew and captains. Amazing views and land tours. Giant Komodo dragons trip in Rinca Island or vast islands of untouched lands of Indonesian part of Papua.

5 day or 6 day diving cruise tours
Tours for divers and for non diving persons. Family packages
Amazing land tours
Trekking, komodo dragons, island tours, waterfalls, local culture
Travel residents
Airport transfers, drinks, help. Our residents are here for you
Modern and cosy acommodation
Cosy double bed or three beds cabins for our clients

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Travel tips for Komodo and Raja Ampat

Komodo and Raja Ampat is well communicated with flight routes. The best way to get there is to take a flight to big travel hubs like Bali, Bangkok, Singapore, Jakarta or Kuala Lumpur

  • Komodo is connected with flights from Bali, Lombok

  • Raja Ampat best entrance is Singapore. Well communicated with rest of the World

  • Try Garuda Indonesia. AirAsia, Tiger Air and other airlines

  • Check Skyscanner, Momondo websites to find connection route

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